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Meg primarily focuses on action shoots (i.e. work under saddle, work in-hand, at liberty, etc), equine professional branding and sale horse shoots. Her specialty lies in the world of dressage - the deliberate timing of specific movements to best showcase your horse.

Based in Woodstock, GA. Serving GA/FL/AL/The Carolinas and beyond (see travel schedule)

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All photoshoots include...

  • A pre-shoot consultation to discuss your vision and goals
  • Travel fee covered within 50 miles of the Woodstock, GA
  • A lightly edited proof gallery delivered in a timely fashion for you to select all your favorite images. Proof galleries typically consist of 100+ photos for portraits and 200+ photos for shoots including work under saddle (conservatively!)

The Details...

Payment Options...

You have the option to either pay a-la-carte (a shooting fee to secure your date, then for individual images after the fact), or you can pay in advance for my 100 image digital gallery packages.

Whether you opt for 1 or 100 images, they are yours to choose from a lightly edited proof gallery. Final edits are then made on purchased images before delivery.

A $100 non-refundable but date-transferable deposit is due at time of booking to secure your date. This is a shooting fee. You then select images from your proof gallery and pay a-la-carte for digital files or wall art.

If you choose to pay in advance, you will save $100 on either a social media package ($300 for 100 of your favorite images in 4x6" print quality) or a large personal printing package ($400 for 100 digital files large enough to print up to 8x12").

Digital File Pricing?

$100 - 5 Standard or 2 Large Web files
$175 - 10 Standard or 5 Large Web files
$225 - 15 Standard or 7 Large Web files
$250 - 20 Standard or 10 Large Web files
$300 - Up to 100 Favorites in Standard**
$400 - Up to 100 Favorites in Large**
** "Favorites" gallery packages unlock 25% off print orders

"Standard size" files are well suited for someone who mainly wants to post on social media, as well as small-scale personal printing in 4x6". "Large" files are suitable for someone who wants the ability to do more personal printing up to 8x12".

How many photo proofs will I have to choose from my session?

Portrait sessions typically consist of 50+ proofs, whereas sessions under saddle consistently & conservatively start at 100+ proofs.

Can you Photoshop my.....

Short answer? Probably.

Basic photoshopping of poo piles, stray hairs and slober are included in my file pricing. **Any additional, more detailed photoshop work is photo-specific (we will discuss) and comes with a $20 hourly charge for the time.**

Can I give digital files to my sponsor?

Commerical licenses are sold separately; please have sponsors contact me directly. But here is the compromise: sponsors may *share* a social media post you tag them in if no specific products are promoted and photo credit is attributed.


Recent Proof Galleries

'Day In the Life' Professional Branding

Designed to showcase professionals in their element without time constraints, less focused on one horse, but rather multiple horses, clients, outfits, etc.

Let's make sure your visual branding accurately represents who you and your business are and lend confidence to potential clients. Let me shadow you for the day to highlight your interactions with horses and clients alike for a photojournalistic peek into your career.

Contact for a custom quote.

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