Hi, I'm Meg . . .

. . . a Jersey girl livin in Georgia. I'm based in Roswell with my husband Sam Sower, our German Shepherd Ash and my two horses: Reina, a 15-year-old Andalusian mare and Silver, a 20-year-old Quarter horse gelding. I've been shooting professionally since 2015 and a horsewoman most of my life.

While dressage isn't the only thing I shoot, my education as a dressage rider shapes the way I shoot. I specialize in timing the most flattering and biomechanically correct moments of a given movement. My goal is always to highlight connection and expression - whether down centerline, at a clinic or during a private shoot.

Meg McGuire Photography, Georgia Equine Photographer

I absolutely love clinics and workshops. To me, the most rewarding aspects of horsemanship surround the patient, humbling process of physical and emotional development over time.

While my background and education is primarily dressage-routed, today I am a bit of a mixer - I enjoy working from the ground, liberty work, trails, bareback riding in addition to more traditional arena work. Currently, I'm super interested in the works of Kathleen Lindley Beckham, Mary Miller Jordan, Carolyn Resnick, Mark Rashid and Anja Beran, Martin Black and Warwick Schiller.

Meg McGuire Photography, Georgia Equine Photographer, Behind the Camera, Andalusian Mare Reina

I'm a total sap and frequently get teary watching freestyles (I'm not kidding; I caught myself while shooting a Katy Perry-themed freestyle... Katy Perry, I hear you saying, Is she serious? Yes, I wish I wasn't, but it was really that good). Nothing is more satisfying and magical to me than when music aligns with a horse's gaits or personality - fireworks start going off in my brain... anyone else?

Meg McGuire Photography, Georgia Equine Photographer

I graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2014 where I studied English, Geography and Film. As an active member of MHC's Intercollegiate Dressage Association Team, shooting team practices and shows sparked my serious pursuit of equine photography.

Since 2014, I've lived around the country following my husband in the Air Force, and in that time I've been fortunate enough to work with (and continuously learn from) Susan J Stickle Photography.

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