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I understand a $100 nonrefundable deposit is due at the time of booking to secure my date. Refunds can occur in the event of inclement weather and where a rain date cannot be scheduled.

The Details...

How many photo proofs will I have to choose from my session?

Portrait sessions typically consist of 50+ proofs, whereas sessions under saddle consistently & conservatively start at 100+ proofs.

Can you Photoshop my.....

Short answer? Probably.

Basic photoshopping of poo piles, stray hairs and slober are included in my file pricing. **Any additional, more detailed photoshop work is photo-specific (we will discuss) and comes with a $20 hourly charge for the time.**

Can I give digital files to my sponsor?

Commerical licenses are sold separately; please have sponsors contact me directly. But here is the compromise: sponsors may *share* a social media post you tag them in if no specific products are promoted and photo credit is attributed.